Saint Lucia
August 20, 2018
Cabinet Shelf
August 23, 2018


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Kitchen Cabinets
Cabinets Name Price $ Quantity Total Price
Base Cabinet 18″ Left 1524 1.000 1524
Base Cabinet 27″ 1941 1.000 1941
Base Cabinet 30″ 2082 1.000 2082
Built-in-kitchen Module Cabinet 20″ Right 968 1.000 968
Drawer Cabinet 15″ Left 1 Drawer 1668 1.000 1668
Standard BBQ/Grill Cabinet 18″ Left 675 1.000 675
Standart BBQ/Grill Cabinet 38″ 1216 1.000 1216
Trash Bin Cabinet 18″ Left 1909 1.000 1909
Kitchen Parts
Part Name MPN Price $ Quantity Total Price
End Panel 38x651MM EP-24-651MM 303 2.000 607
Corner unit CBNT-BLD-CRNR-BLD 61 1.000 61
Island Back Panel 15″ IBP 15FH-376MM 263 1.000 263
Island Back Panel 18″ IBP 18FH-452MM 316 3.000 947
Island Back Panel 20″ IBP 20FH-504MM 351 1.000 351
Island Back Panel 26″ IBP 26FH-660MM 456 2.000 911
Island Back Panel 27″ IBP 27FH-684MM 472 1.000 472
Island Back Panel 30″ IBP 30FH-760MM 525 1.000 525
Island Back Panel 38″ IBP 38FH-964MM 665 1.000 665
Feeling fancy?
The Tobago L shaped outdoor setup is great for showing off your cooking skills while your guests help themselves with the yummy food straight out of your kitchen!
The Tobago kitchen is highly equipped with the best features allowing you to comfortably cook and throw a great get together in the open air!
This comes with three spacious Cabinets for storing all your kitchen essentials.
The Drawer Cabinet comes in very handy for that extra space you need. Having at least one or two storage drawers allows you to keep cooking utensils and knives close at hand and can save you from running to your indoor kitchen every time you need something.
The Tobago comes with a BBQ Cabinet (with powerful multi fuel BBQ P05 Burner) perfect for grilling in open fire. In addition to the main BBQ cabinet, the kitchen has a Burner too.
The sink in the Tobago is separate from your burner and grill area which allows more space for easily using the sink and cooking at the same time.
This also comes with a very useful trash bin cabinet. Peeling vegetables, throwing leftovers, washing and rinsing dishes to put in your outdoor dishwasher becomes very convenient.
The Built-in Kitchen Module Cabinet with refrigerator is perfect for keeping your drinks and salad cold while you prepare your BBQ!
SIZE :  141 3/16” x 89 7/64” x 49 17/64”
Dimensions 141.18 x 89.11 x 49.78 m
Main BBQ

Alfresco ALXE 36, NONE

Side Burner

Alfresco AXESB-2, NONE


Cal Flame Outdoor Sink & Faucet & Soap, NONE

Countertop material

Granite, Stainless Steel

Fuel Type



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